So why is time so important? Time is the measure through which we express the meaning of who we are, and what we are meant to do. Our thoughts and beliefs can only be expressed to others through our words and our actions. These words and actions only have life through our use of time, so, how and what we do with our time greatly impacts how we feel about ourselves and how others feel about us.

The traditional methods of time management do not take into account the lives we live today. When they were first  developed there was no Facebook, You Tube, Netflix et al at the touch of our fingertips. We now have information and entertainment 24 hours a day,  7 days a week, and it is not the old boring stuff... it is the stuff that excites us and distracts us, because it is good, fast and easy. How do we combat temptation that takes us away from the more important moments that we could create if we were not being pulled in another direction?

How come it is so hard to do the stuff that makes meaning in our lives, but it is really easy to do the stuff that makes us feel empty, and makes us feel a little embarrassed if we were to share it with others?

What could we do with our time if we had the tools to create a life that excites us, and that makes us feel proud to call our own, and not live vicariously through images on a screen?

What could be possible for you?

The Time Audit is the first quick start guide in the Challenge Seriesthat pulls back the curtain of your schedule to reveal the black holes of time, where you were unable to see what was possible, or how much control you still have over your choices.

What's included:

  • Over 40 pages of exercises, strategies and life hacks to teach you how to master your time
  • How to collect data -- the right way -- not only how to identify how you spend your time, but to also identify those sneaky energy suckers, as well as the thoughts and emotions that drive your choices
  • Recognize the rules you live by and how to change them
  • Identify those pesky tolerations and how to get rid of them
  • Plan for your most important priorities so they work together instead of against each other
  • How to create space in your life for the people and experiences that matter most to you.

By following the steps and completing the exercises, the "stuckness" that you feel can be replaced with awareness and action steps that move you toward the life that you want to have. Remember when you were young, and the world seemed open to you, and the possibilities were... endless? This tool helps bring you back to that place of possibility.

You will discover what works for you, how you want to feel, and how you want to spend your time.

When you finish The Time Audit, you will know what you need to do to take back control of your time, and you will have developed the skills to handle the distractions that come your way.

I believe that we all have the capability to create lives that make feel happy, successful and that we are excited to live.What would it be like for you to look forward to the weeks and months ahead, because you have got so many cool things going on?

What makes The Time Audit different from other methods out there is its systematic, and comprehensive approach. The step-by-step format reveals the hidden drivers that cause blind spots. This framework, then, allows you to achieve the type of clarity that is necessary for you to make the key changes in your life that bring you the best results.

You can do this thing called a great life, and by doing it, you will have this thing called a great life. All you need to begin is to get really clear on where you are right now, and The Time Audit will give you that.

When you have clarity you have choice, and when you have a choice you have freedom.

Here is what else you will get: I will add my What's in Your Wheel House download. This easy-to-use and beloved tool helps you assess how well you are doing in four key areas of your life, and guides you to make improvements in those areas. It is yours for free as my thank you for trying the Time Audit.

Money back guarantee. After you try Time Audit: The Real Truth About Your Time, AND you complete all of the exercises, if you are not completely satisfied that I delivered you the value you expected, you will be eligible for a refund after you turn back in your completed materials to me within 30 days of date of purchase.

The cost of the Time Audit is $21, but for a SHORT TIME, you can get it for $0.00.   There comes a time when you have to choose to act. If you've read this far, this is your time!

Be one of the few who make their lives happen on their own terms, and not the many who talk about it. Click the Add to Cart button below to get started. What have you got to lose except more time?



You can have a tool that can be the game changer that leads you to a happier and more fulfilled life . Originally $21.00, but you can get it this week for



the time audit: The real truth about your time


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I love Chase's descriptions and wanted to share this video with you, because your language about time is so so important AND he nails it. You can find Chase's work here:

Have you ever felt frustrated by the time you spent on the things you didn't want to do, only to find that when you were finally free, you were too tired to do the things that you did want to do?

Or maybe you had every intention of getting something done, but you ran out of time, energy, or both?

Or you really wanted to try something new, but you just didn't have the time to fit another activity into your already busy schedule?

Well, me too! My schedule seemed to belong to someone else, and I felt like I was being told what to do, and when to do it! However, since developing the Time Audit, I went from a stay-at-home mom to a Certified Life Coach, Tae Kwon Do Instructor and Founder of Challenge Your Vision.

My clients went from not "having enough time"  to going after their passions, and creating lives that they are proud of. They are happier, and are more productive thanks, in part, to the Time Audit.