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I went from a stay-at-home mom with no real direction to a black belt and instructor in Tae Kwon Do, Kobudo Instructor, a Certified Life Coach and founder of Challenge Your Vision.

In SCORE: Make the Goals in Your Life Count, the third and final installment of the quick start guides in the Challenge Series  you will learn how to make the decisions, and how to take the actions to create a life that excites you, and that makes you feel proud to call your own. Over 60 pages of actionable content including:

  • How to decide which goals are right for you
  • Learn and use the 7x7 Methodology to plan for your goals
  • Identify and learn the skill set and the mindset you need for success
  • Learn how to use a modified SWOT analysis to help you plan the right strategy
  • Learn how to prioritize and align your goals with your values
  • Develop a goal map for the next 90 days, and learn the OOP - the Obliteration Obliteration Plan to keep you on track for your success!

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I had always thought that if someone would just tell me what to do to have a life that made me happy, I could do it! The model that I grew up with was one where I was told by an authority where to go, what to do, and when to do it. Sometimes, even who to do it with, and if I followed that model, I was supposed to be happy.

How about you? Did you ever think that if someone would just give you a plan for your life you would live, well, happily-ever-after?

Did you ever wonder what it was all for, or what was the point? I know I did.

Or how about this - you became so overwhelmed with all of the things that you had to do to achieve your goals that it all just became too confusing, and too much work, so you decided to quit?

I felt that way -- a lot.There was no clear, or consistent way to get what I wanted until I developed this framework. I had to find a way that would work from me, and if it worked for me, it can work for you, too!

FOR $7.99


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You will learn proven methods of goal planning and execution. You will learn a framework where you can map out your success from beginning to end. This guide is packed with successful strategies, worksheets and plans to get you what you want out of life. You will feel accomplished, successful, excited and proud to have created a life that you are excited to live. And you will learn it quickly.

The reason why this works so well is it utilizes the building block technique. All advanced techniques come from the building blocks of basic skills. If you get the fundamentals right, work them, and then build from there, success is faster and easier. One of the problems we face is our impatience. I was like that too! I would jump ahead, and it wouldn't work, and then have to back track, or worse, I would just give up.  This system is designed to take you one step at a time.

This system is set up for you to build on the skills you already have now, to create a successful plan to accomplish the goals that are right for you. If you continue to work your plan, and modify that plan, as necessary, your success is assured. That is the recipe. Simple, right? Not exactly.

The problem is that people quit too soon, or they can get messed up by what I call " The Triple D" --  Distractions that interrupt your progress, Disappointments that sap your motivation,  and Delusions that give you explanations that don't help you and make you believe things that aren't true.  By using the framework in this guide, you will be able to combat the Triple D and stay on task to complete  the most important goals of your life.

But this guide isn't just about planning and execution, it is also about something more important -- making the right choices when it comes to your goals. Don't you hate it when you attain a goal only to find out, after all of that work, that the goal didn't give you what you wanted? This guide will give you the tools you need to make the best goal choices for you.

The price of SCORE: Make the Goals in Your Life Count is $21. For one week only,  however, you can have a proven methodology that teaches you the mindset and the skill set you need to get any goal -- for a lifetime for the low price of

Money back guarantee. After trying SCORE: Make the Goals in Your Life Count, AND you complete all of the exercises, if you are not completely satisfied that I delivered you the value you expected, you will be eligible for a refund after you turn back in your completed materials to me within  30 days of date of purchase.

Be one of the few who step away from the explanations and the excuses of why they can't do, have or be what they want. Be one of the few who go after their dreams, and create a life that excites them, and makes them proud to call their own. Your future happiness is in your hands, say yes today!

score: make the goals in your life count