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score: Make the goals in your life count

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art with elders

we give back, you can too

Give us your favorite inspirational quote and we will create an heirloom quality art piece that is not only inspirational, but also beautiful. Choose from 5 different styles. Each manuscript is hand accented in copper or gold and printed on 8x10 parchment paper that is suitable for framing.  Shipping and handling included. Perfect for a holiday gift or to celebrate that special occasion!! Click Buy Now!


time Truths: Get Clear. Get Better. Get More.

inspirational manuscripts

Art with Elders is a volunteer program that gifts children's art work to elderly residents of assisted living facilities four times a year. you have the option of sending us your child's art work with his or her age, grade and school information, or you and your child can visit the facilities with us.  Click the Make A Difference Button and Enter your information if you would like to participate.

The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are  -- Joseph Campbell



Questions, prompts and exercises to guide you to get to know yourself and to know what you really want out of life. I know of no other greater blessing than to know your true purpose in life and to live it. These journals make great gifts, too!



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Guided Journals

Your Vision, Your Way

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Your quotes, your way

STEP 2: To have a vision for your life means to have a purpose for your life. Master the content in this work book and everything becomes easier. Fifty pages of exercises and strategies to help you make what you envision a reality

  • How to create a vision that motivates and inspires you
  • How to use images, scientifically, to prime you for success
  • Learn about proximity and how to use it to your advantage
  • Discover and implement an equation that defines what an ideal life is for you
  • Create the beliefs that support you, and let go of the ones that hold you back

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Step 1: Time is your most important resource. How are you going to use it? when you master this, you make room in your life for matters most. Click the IT'S YOURS button to get your FREE copy
Over 40 pages of exercises, strategies and life hacks to teach you how to master your time INCLUDING:

  • How to collect data -- the right way -- not only how to identify how you spend your time, but to also identify those sneaky energy suckers, as well as the thoughts and emotions that drive your choices
  • Recognize the rules you live by and how to change them
  • Identify those pesky tolerations and how to get rid of them
  • Plan for your most important priorities so they work together instead of against each other
  • How to create space in your life for the people and experiences that matter most to you.

life changing workbooks

Your Life, Your Way


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This is a three-part series of workbooks, where I teach you the system that helped me go from disappointed, confused, and unsure about my future to happy, fulfilled, and excited about who I am, what I do, and who I hang out with. First, you start with time. You need to be extremely clear about your number one resource. Next, you go on to vision. What is it you really want? Finally, you finish with goal attainment strategies and  effective goal map creation. All three together, give you the tools to create a life and a business that you love, just like I did.  Let's bring you back!! Get started below!


life changing workbooks

Your Life, Your Way

STEP 3: PDF Version.  Master this and you bridge the gap from where you are now to where you want to be. Over 60 pages of actionable content including:

  • How to decide which goals are right for you
  • Learn and use the 7x7 Methodology to plan for your goals
  • Identify and learn the skill set and the mindset you need for success
  • Learn how to use a modified SWOT analysis to help you plan the right strategy
  • Learn how to prioritize and align your goals with your values
  • Develop a goal map for the next 90 days, and learn the OOP - the Obliteration Obliteration Plan to keep you on track for your success!

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