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I Want To Get To KNow The Real You


In this entertaining, no obligation(that means free with no strings) quality of life session, you'll find out how you are living your life now in (4) key areas. You'll learn some of the reasons why you may be stuck, and what your next steps are to move forward in your life.

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is designed for those clients who have experienced coaching before, and who have a specific problem or circumstance that they would like  coaching on.

is a six week coaching program that gives you the tools to take you from where you are now to where you want to be. 

  • Week One :      Clarity: Get clear on your time, your relationships, your goals and your life.
  • Week Two :      Vision,Values and Mindset:Steps to identify your purpose, passion and your path
  • Week Three :   Goal Planning: The goals that bridge the gap between now and your destiny
  • Week Four:      Obstacle Planning: How to handle setbacks, obstacles, and fatigue
  • Week Five:       Skill Set Upgrade: How to get better at the skills you need for success
  • Week Six :        The Next Step: What's missing

the path

tune up


is a method of inquiry used in coaching to help create connections, and help the client to become aware of thoughts, patterns and actions that prevent or support success. If you need to figure something out, this is the way to begin.

is a tool used in coaching to generate ideas, solutions and implementation options. This coaching is for someone who wants to gain clarity on a topic, and has the ability to follow through on the ideas with minimal support.