Life Coach

Years of experience: 4

Christine  started Challenge Your Vision to teach  you how to go after your dreams, and how to act on your own unique voice, and not the voice of conditioning.

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Martial Artist  & Instructor

Years of experience: 6

Christine teaches you not only the art of taekwondo and kobudo,, she also teaches you how to bring out your optimal performance on and off the mats.

"Christine shows you how to put your natural talents to their best use, and helps you sharpen your skills for optimal performance through life . She has helped me learn so much about myself."         Kellie D.

Christine gonos-jeffrey is a certified life coach, licensed commercial pilot, tae kwon do instructor, and holds a bachelors degree in Banking and Finance.


TO IMPROVE YOUR Skill set so that your life is how you want it to be

5K and Half Marathoner

Years of experience: 10

An avid runner before her achilles tendon, and ACL injuries, Christine now runs for her family once a year at the Never Quit 5k  Event in Jacksonville, FL


Years of experience: Life Long

From flying airplanes, zip lining and fire walking to writing books and creating art, Christine is always on the lookout to learn a skill or try something new.

in  my words...

"I believe that you  have the ability to create a life that is successful, and is full of abundance, light and love. 

Sometimes, you forget that you can when you have been told, for so long, that you cannot.

I say, 'Yes, you can.'

Small, daily improvements, over time, make huge differences in the quality of your life."

A little more about Christine...

What was it like growing up in a Greek, family-owned restaurant in San Francisco, CA? It was just like the movie, " My Big Fat Greek Wedding! " (Loud people who love food and each other.) I learned how to be loyal, to be committed, to be successful and how to work very hard.

In my 20s: Marriage. Some college. Flew airplanes. I ended up as a Flight Instructor and Commercial pilot. I loved it.
Flash to having my first beautiful daughter. Planes were swapped for diapers, feedings and a smile that could break your heart. I was mom and that was all that mattered.

In my 30s: Divorce, graduating top 5% of my class in college, and becoming a Financial Executive. Working mom. Chasing brass rings. These were my lost years. Note to self - external rewards can crush your soul if that is all you focus on.

In my 40s: Rebirth.  Running half-marathons and 5k's. Marriage again. Another beautiful daughter. Stay-at-home mom. Martial Artist. Crushing injury. 9 months of rehab.  Discovered that internal rewards can trump external rewards by far. Found Coaching! It rocked my world!

I am in my 50's, and through all of my experiences,  I have learned that what is most important to me is personal growth and contribution, my family, my friends,  and a life that I love.  I think some of the mistakes I have made came from forgetting that every choice I make matters. It's both liberating and frightening to know that a decision, as little as, eating two extra Oreo cookies, for example, could mean ten more pounds if I ate extra cookies for years and years. Little actions equal big results when done over time. That is huge!! When I learned that, my life exploded. I wouldn't be as good as a wife, mother, friend, athlete, coach and teacher if I had not learned that key lesson.